It Begins With A Prayer…

Our Beloved Creator…

We love you. Thank you for this moment, for this opportunity to serve, to make a difference, to share love and light with all those that cross our path.

Dear God;

We pray that Source Programming blesses all those that have found their way to this moment and time, and that your Highest and Best dreams are realized through this work that has begun here and now.

To all those who are reading these words, who have joined me on this journey, I give you my heart, my love, and my promise to keep showing up, to providing you with all that I have to give, to never giving up until our ultimate dream for true understanding, love and connection are realized.

I commit to continue to hold us all in the ultimate knowing of a universal God who loves us unconditionally, who dreams for us a dream that far exceeds the dreams of our conscious mind, and who is available to us 24/7

– to the extent that we allow the love and the blessings into our life experience.

And so it is - And so it will be (Please take a moment to breathe it in before you continue.)

Source Programming is a collection of energetic tools that, once installed, activated, and mastered, will work with your conscious mind to seemingly effortlessly step you into the life of your dreams (and in many cases a life that far exceeds what your current negative programming allows you to dream).

Source Programming has been embedded into specially engineered brain wave entrainment (BWE) audios created by Jeffrey Gignac, the most talented and brilliant brain wave entrainment expert in the world. These BWE carrier audios are unlike any others in that they have no beginning and therefore no end. These audios cycle through all brain wave frequencies – thereby allowing Source Programming to sink into and be incorporated deep within the listener, making them (with a little practice) as easy to use as your own right hand.

Source Programming has also been embedded in Divinely Inspired Music (see the Adam King Collection) and coupled with the Triad Wave (see Source Programming meets the Triad Wave for details)

Source Programming bypasses (and eventually eliminates) all conscious limitations and so therefore the audios are all without verbal instruction or subliminal commands.

For more information, and to sample it for yourself, download the free gift , Clean Sweep, and take a look at the accompanying manual...

With Love and Light and All things Wonder-filled