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Are Headphones Required?

Most of the Source Programming products are more effective with headphones, but if for any reason you cannot use headphones you will still benefit from listening to the audios.

The key exception is the Triad Wave audios - these programs effect not only the listener but also the environment and therefore headphones are not recommended

What is the activation code and how do I use it?

The activation code is the name of the audio you want to work with. You use it by repeating the code mentally – either once or as a mantra as you go about your day.

Do these programs work well with each other and with other healing modalities?

Yes and yes. These programs are designed to become a part of your everyday life. After practicing for a while you will begin to notice that the activation code for the ideal program will pop into your head at the perfect time. The more you use the programs the easier and more powerful they become.

How long before I see results?

Every time you work with one of the Source Programming audios or activate a program by mentally repeating its name you are shifting your reality.

Every time.

Sometimes the shift is so subtle and easy that you don’t notice, at least not for a while.

Sometimes the changes that occur are more significant – but because they are not occurring at the same time you are using the programs you don’t connect the two, at least not for a while.

And sometimes you feel the change and see the results from the very first activation.

My suggestion is that you invest in installing the programs and making them a part of your everyday life. Practice activating them whenever your thoughts bring you down in any way.

Focus on your day to day activities, the steps you are taking towards your ideal life, and allow the results to unfold as they will (this will become easier and easier to do the more you work with the programs Faith and Trust, the Gift, Peaceful Foundations, and even Joy).

Will Source Programming help with Creating Abundance, Losing Weight, Healing Asthma, etc.....


All physical symptoms are signs of energetic blockages or distortions within the body. Everybody is carrying around their own collection of negative programming/energy blocks and so the specific Source Programming audios required to release your specific concern will be unique to you.

Focus on the ones that you are drawn to (even/especially if they are uncomfortable to work with) and invest in the process.

During/after listening to the audio I got a stomach ache/headache/ have trouble sleeping/or got very moody. Is this normal?

It is not “normal” but it does happen and is most probably due to one of two things:

Either your system needs to get used to the brain wave entrainment technology or the body is holding on tightly to an energetic block/negative program that it has been holding so long that it is having some trouble letting go.

The suggested course of action is the same in both cases…

1) Stop listening to the audio(s) for 2 or 3 days.

2) Continue to activate Clean Sweep and Peaceful Foundations (if it is installed) often throughout the day – even using them as mental mantras.

3) When you return to the audio(s) begin by listening for only 5 minutes – and give yourself plenty of time to judge your reaction before you listen to more. Allow yourself to build up slowly to an entire session (or multiply sessions).

4) Even when you are having nothing but positive reactions to the audios it is our recommendation that you do not spend more than 2 hours a day listening – and that you do not play them overnight on a loop.

5) If you experience uncomfortable reactions of any kind while you are activating the programs without the audio that is a clear sign you are working on releasing a significant blockage/limiting program. If this is the case our recommendation is to use both Peaceful Foundations and Faith and Trust to keep bringing the energy back into balance.

Also helpful at times like these is physical movement and getting outside (i.e. take a walk  ). Finally, the more you remind yourself that the sensations you are experiencing are a very good sign that things are moving, the easier it will all be.

Is it possible to use Source Programming to help someone else?

Though Source Programming audios are tools designed to be used for our own personal evolution, with a little creativity they can absolutely be used to help those around us. The following, which happened to me just this past weekend, is a great example of what can be done…

I was spending a few hours with someone very close to me when, by text, she learned that her boyfriend was breaking up with her…

In her own words she began to “freak out” and was, for a time, “untouchable” and “inconsolable.”

I took a physical step back and began to first activate Clean Sweep and Peace Foundations, moving back and forth to both clear whatever was in my space that was being triggered by her reactions and to keep bringing my energy, and the energy we were sharing, into a peaceful still space.

I then started to play with Divine Greetings to keep us connected, The Gift to allow the blessing to reveal itself, and Faith and Trust to keep reminding me that we were loved and supported. I did all of this in my mind while we were driving and talking.

Over a period of 10-15 minutes the energetic space of peace that was being maintained by the Source Programming began to really seep into her consciousness and she visually relaxed.

I “was given” the words that she could hear and as she relaxed she took them in and her next actions were decided and taken.

Over the next few days she continued to process the breakup – going through mourning and then anger and then powerful self-love at a rate I would not have believed was possible.

It was truly amazing.