The Rose

The first time you listen to "The Rose" a Source Program is installed that sets up a high vibrational energy field that protects you from the negativity held by those around you. Activate it at anytime by taking a relaxed breath and mentally repeating the Activation Code "The Rose" and then picturing a rose sitting 6-18 inches in front of you (place the Rose where you picture "your personal space" to reside). Every time you listen to The Rose you are strengthening your connection to this protective field.

Source Programming meets The Triad Wave© programs.....

  • can be played on a loop, in the background, even while you sleep.

*does not require headphones.

*will affect the people you care about, your environment, the world at large.

I don't remember when and how I first became aware of Steve Skudler, TwinFlames, and the Triad Wave©, I just know that as soon as I began working with his audios everything felt "better"

Steve Skudler * Raised in Boulder Colorado, Steve graduated from the Boulder School of Massage and was a Certified Massage Therapist from 1994 to 2006 when he closed his practice to dedicate all of his time to creating music. He is passionate about creating music that has a gentle, easy flowing quality that brings complete relaxation to the listener. Steve's music helps people unwind, breathe deeper, let go and drift away. He continues to provide listeners deep relaxation music using his original, unique style.

The Triad Wave© is sub-acoustic, meaning it is below the level of human hearing. The sequencing of
 this multi-frequency wave is specific…designed to bring the listener and the environment into balance and harmony. Its effect is subtle and there are no negative side effects. The volume can be turned down to zero and the Triad Wave© will still be doing its ‘thing’ because the wave is vibrational. The music is there to provide a carrier for it and for something to listen to and enjoy. It works great for meditation, relaxation and helps ensure a good night of sleep.

The Triad Wave© leaves the listener feeling more grounded, more centered, more relaxed.*