All of the Source Programming goes to the Spa Collection...

  • can be played on a loop, in the background, even while you sleep.
  • can be listened to without headphones
  • can be played during meditation, a massage, while you sleep, or even as you go about your day to day activities
  • contains energized Source Programming that will benefit everyone in your environment

Confession helps us let go of that which has weighed us down

Steve Skudler is the composer of the Source Programming goes to the Spa Collection.

Raised in Boulder Colorado, Steve graduated from the Boulder School of Massage and was a Certified Massage Therapist from 1994 to 2006 when he closed his practice to dedicate all of his time to creating music. He is passionate about creating music that has a gentle, easy flowing quality that brings complete relaxation to the listener. Steve’s music helps people unwind, breathe deeper, let go and drift away. He continues to provide listeners deep relaxation music using his original, unique style.