Blessings :-)

Renewal is a project unlike anything that has ever been created...

There is soooo much love imbued in these recordings that everyone who spends time with them will be changed by them.

There are 4 of us humans (along with our non physical teams) involved in the final creation and the final result is energetically exquisite.

By the time I got the recordings (to open up to install the Source Programming) I was so moved that every time I sat to allow the energy to move through me tears came into my eyes.

The ultimate purpose of this project is to help us all relax into the knowing of the love that we are.

It will, as you play it, bring serenity back to all aspects of who you are - mind, body, and spirit.

It is a gift from Spirit and the tears are welling up again as I sit here feeling humbled and in awe that I have been used as a channel to get it to you.

Renewal comes in 4 - 20 minute mp3's...

Listen to the one's you are being drawn to.

Listen often (absolutely OK to wash yourself in these audios all day long if it brings you joy)

You can play these recordings while you do other things if you would like - but please hold off driving (or doing anything that requires your attention to remain safe) until you know how you will respond to them (so far they have been bringing me into a deep state of meditative relaxation so all I do is sit and drift and renew).

Below you can hear samples of each of the audios - along with reading the words (unedited) from the others involved in bringing Renewal to life.

Steve’s ( )intentions as he created the music: Steve remembered how much music helped him as a new massage therapist. Certain types of music helped calm any self-doubt that could get in the way of the magic of the session. The right kind of music soothed his restless mind, took away his insecurities in that moment and he was able to tap into the magic created by being the best massage therapist he knew how to be. He took that experience into his creation of music.

What is constant in his creations is his use of wave form and melody that helps the body relax. This music has beautiful melodies. It is soft, gentle, calming and supportive. He intends for the love and beauty that he creates in his music to help create a healing environment that supports feeling peaceful and bring increased wellness to anyone listening to it.

Sharon’s intentions (about Sharon ): Healing Touch is an energy-based modality that is both energetic and scientific. The goal in Healing Touch is to restore balance and harmony in the energy system, placing the client in the position to self-heal.

My Healing Touch intention for anyone listening to Renewal is to offer balance and harmony to their energy system, placing everyone who is open to receiving, in the position to self-heal. I imbued this package with the intention that anyone listening be inspired to do what is needed for their own deep restorative healing and in the process, recognize how they are loved by Spirit, how they can embrace peace in the midst of chaos (the light and the dark) and feel calm and safe – today – now – in this moment! Because this is such an important time astrologically, I also set the intention for anyone who is open to it and willing, be able to embrace the balance of the sacred masculine and sacred feminine energy within and embody equality. I wrapped it all up in the intention that everyone feel empowered in their journey to wellness and for each person to KNOW they have chosen to be here, now, for the greater good. There are no mistakes!

Sheridan’s Theta Intentions (more about Sheridan ): For this set of music I did two Theta Sessions. They go together to balance each other. This Renewal series contains the DEEP soul healing, balanced with lightness and joy. It contains the interplay between light and dark. Renewal – what is it to renew? To become new - again. Sound like a paradox? Surprisingly, it’s not. As energetic beings, we are constantly able to “reset”, go to a deeper level of healing, and come out on the other side renewed, restored and refreshed!

Session 1: Began by asking creator to open, balance and bring into harmony, covered in love and for the highest good of all who hear the music. Saw us passing him a paper note for him to hold all of our intentions. Saw all of the chakras connect, and ask that there be space for healing in the way of energetic boundaries. Saw gold light come in as particles, which heal all aspects of the being. Saw violet light on the outer part of the aura transmuting the experiences of everyone. Saw a white skinny beam of light connecting heaven and earth through the middle of all chakras. Then I zoomed out and saw it all on a global level. There was a web of light – gold, violet and white sweeping across the globe. Shifting the whole energy and experiences of everyone on the planet. I saw the wave form of the music (blue) like a key that was shifting people into their power – they would remember WHO THEY ARE, WHY THEY’RE HERE, WHAT THEY SIGNED UP FOR. It was like their higher selves were being invited into the physical – again bringing heaven to earth. I then saw all of this rolled up into a bubble and given to the creator to hold and make happen. It is now our job to trust and believe.

Session 2: Began by removing the fear of the darkness with an acknowledgement that it’s part of the healing process. Fresh Falling Rain cleanses us, even the deepest parts of us. Wind Through Pines reminds us that roots grow deep in the earth (in darkness), as big as the tree that we see; that we get our nutrients from Mother Earth and that going deep and dark can be a source of profound growth. Ocean Song allows us to feel the vastness of the universe and our part in it all, bringing renewed conviction of our purpose on earth. Aqua Aura contains the song of the whales, which carries a high vibration and its own healing properties. It raises our vibration to a place where we become a magnet for abundance, joy, gratitude and love. All of these songs are wrapped in the green flame of healing which is applied like a salve to wounds on any level – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.