The Serenity Prayer

God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change

The courage to change the things I can

and the wisdom to know the difference

Birthed in January of 2018, The Serenity Prayer Source Programming system is the first new release of a brain wave entrainment supported (through the genius of Jeffrey Gignac) Source Program in over a year.

It's powerful and effective and will make a noticeable difference in your day to day life experience within a few weeks (or less) once you begin working with it.

This system comes with 4 audios and it is recommended that you begin working with them slowly ....

Day 1: Serenity

Listen once, twice if you like (it's only 91/2 minutes) during the day. Pay attention to how you feel while listening and in the hours after. If you find yourself resistant to the serenity being offered than take another day (or 2) working only with Serenity and invite in a Peace that goes beyond your logical understanding.

Day 2: Courage

Only 7 minutes long, Courage packs a great punch - and after listening take a few moments to jot down one or two actions you can take on whatever project/situation is closest to your heart.

and then act on it. Just one action, one step - that's often all it takes...

Feel free to also listen to Serenity :-)

Day 3: Wisdom

Sit back, close your eyes, and allow the magic embedded in this program to connect you with a higher level discernment. Though it may take you a little time to relax and allow and believe, from the very first listen you will have more and more access to an "inner knowing". Someday, very very soon, you may discover that the "next best step" always seems to just light up in front of you :-)

After these first 3 or 4 days continue to use the Serenity Prayer Source Programming System in whatever way inspires you. You can treat yourself to the entire 27 minutes in one sitting (the download is provided) or you can spend time with just one or two of its parts...

Whichever way you choose will work for you