The God Collection

God is often conceived of as the Supreme Being and principal object of faith. The concept of God, as described by most theologians, includes the attributes of omniscience (infinite knowledge), omnipotence (unlimited power), and omnipresence (present everywhere).

The God of my understanding is also omnibenevolent (perfectly good), all loving, and available to all who are willing to let go of all barriers to this Divine Loving Source of Infinite Potential.

Source Programmings "God Collection" is a collection of 9 programs that help you to tap into and eventually live in this crazy wonderful energy.

Included in the package....

Angel Dreams is the newest Source Program - it came as a gift - it connects us to the Angelic Realms and opens doors to worlds our conscious mind cannot imagine but our hearts and soul crave...

This is a taste of the 7 minute experience

Feeling the Love of God, on command

A Hug from God is one of my favorites, a program to activate everyday, throughout the day :-)

I don’t have words to describe the feeling that comes when this program is fully activated within your being.

I don’t know how to describe the feeling – other than to say it is the “perfect hug,” one that surrounds and fills you and reminds you that you are never alone, always loved, always supported.

Letting go of what held you back

**Untethered*** is 10 minutes of beautiful sounds, carefully engineered brain wave entrainment, and the mystical energy of Source Programming all designed to detach you from both your "problems" as well as your "wants" (detachment is a huge important critical step in the manifestation process).

Listen whenever life triggers you or listen while you allow yourself to bring up memories that still haunt you or dreams that seem impossible - either way - as you listen (with headphones) you will, with ease, begin to detach and allow all the density to simply drift away....

Connecting with the God that lives in all of us

There is a spark of the divine within each of us and the Source Program “Divine Greeting” moves every interaction into a space where, as a Spiritual Teacher of mine taught….

“May the God in me greet the God in thee.”

Activate Divine Greeting before every phone call, every meeting, every interaction with a friend, a lover, a parent, a child.

Use Divine Greeting when you are dealing with an angry customer, a rude Customer Service Professional, or a stranger on the street.

Use it with your pets (yes you can J).

Just use it and you will soon find it easier and easier to find the God that resides within each of us.

Using Divine Energy to manifest your Dreams

Prayer of Petition is 3 - 9 minute Source Programming Audios that bring us into alignment with manifestation using high vibrational Spiritual Principles...


During Prayer of Petition we ask for what we desire (no rules or regulations or "how to's" here - just get it out and tell God/The Universe what it is on your mind, what you believe you want

During Surrender you do just that - you step into alignment with letting it go - you have "placed your order" and now you allow it or something even better to show up for you

And then during Blissful Moments you become one with the High Vibrational State required to allow more and more blessings to flow into your life:)

Always know that all is well

Picture how your life will look and feel when, in every moment, you are 100% comfortable in the knowledge that God loves you and is supporting you.

Imagine a life where you are absolutely certain that every moment contains a divine gift, that you are always safe and who you are can never be harmed.

When do you want to activate the Source Program Faith and Trust? Every time your life is something other than what you pictured above.

Heaven on Earth :-)

  • subtle brain wave entrainment designed to simply soften and allow*
  • solfeggio frequencies geared to activating and strengthening each specific chakra*
  • frequencies created from ancient Tibetan bowls that will awaken Source within you*
  • Source Programming that will open, balance, heal and upgrade the Crown Chakra*

The chakras are Energetic nodes within our body that, when functioning optimally, allow us to live our highest and best lives.

No more "doing what's right" today so that you can go to heaven when this life is done. No more sacrificing and struggling now so that you can be rewarded "later" The waiting for Heaven on Earth is over.... Heaven exists the moment we let go of all the blocks and beliefs that keep us from it..... Say yes, show up, activate Heaven on Earth, follow the guidance you are given, and allow the world of your dreams to bless us all

Retail value of these programs is $106.75

But if you say yes today to this very special package (not available anywhere else) you will pay only a fraction of the cost...


Because I so so so sooooooooooo desire you to have this experience :-)

So say yes, please

and then know that I am here to support you in anyway I can

With Love :-)

What better time then NOW to connect with the Divine?