To be part of the creation of "9" Adam and I both had to go through a process that could be described as a "cleansing" (but it was different than that) or perhaps a "healing" (but that's not quite it either). We had to say yes to a transformation that allowed us to get into alignment with an energy that was ready to be born. That was ready to become "9"

Every piece of 9 is somehow alive - every time you work with each offering it will be different than it was before. For us the differences have been so profound that at times we have not even recognized the music for what it was (at least not at first). For you the differences may be more subtle, but there will be a flow, an evolution, just the same.

I invite you to listen as Adam and I discuss the origins of 9 - and the characteristics of each piece. The conversation went longer than we expected so so you may want to download it so you can take the audio with you and listen at your leisure. It's worth paying attention to - it will help you in determining how best to begin and to continue to experience something that will change you, forever...

The Tracks....

The Gateway

One of the coolest things about The Gateway (which is an energy center located about 6 inches above your head) is that everytime I listen my feet begin to vibrate (I wonder if it will be the same for you?) It is a clear reminder that "as above so below" and that we are one with all things and that all is one, a part, of all of us... 12 minutes long

The Garden

This Source Program reminds us that we can "have it all". The Garden of Eden is ours for the taking - all we have to do is allow the veils to be removed and then say yes to Source. Yes, I am ready to remember and to live in the knowing of just how phenomenal it is to be here, now..... 12 minutes long

Divine Sight

There is so much more in the world around us than our limited minds have allowed us to see. Regular use of Divine Sight will turn on 'the 6th sense" - allowing us to perceive the true beauty and wonder of who we are. It is so much more than any of us has ever been able to even imagine 12 minutes long

Ava Kadavrah

I speak the world into existence.... This is our reality once we open and allow, the energy to flow purely into every word, every thought we speak. Ave Kadavrah gently clears the way for our truth to be spoken 12 minutes long


It is from our center, from the heart, that true balanced unending strength can be found. This Source Program heals the wounds that have over generations kept us separate from this beautiful source of love and support. With regular activation the walls will come down and our radiance will shine 13 minutes long


Imagine for a moment having an absolute "knowing" not only who you are but that who you are is loved and supported unconditionally. Not only permission, but encouragement, to stand out from the crowd, to be unique, to be yourself. The energy installed into Presence holds your "ego" with love, whispers patiently that now is the time to bless the world with, well, you :-) 12 minutes long


Nurture holds the energy of a grandmother's hug (and her freshly baked cookies :-) ) The mother's kiss that heals all boo-boos. The father's smile as he look's upon his newborn love and promises with all his being that he will always love and support The Sacral Chakra is known as the chakra of relationships and of creation - the energy in nurture works to open the channels to allow us to receive as well as give - it allows for us to be supported in the most loving of all ways.... 12 minutes long


I know - it's a strange choice of an image for a Source Program called Nourish - right? Nourish is loosely tide to the root chakra - so if we were going to stick with the plant theme why not an image of healthy roots instead of a leaf? Our "wholeness"/"health" is the responsibility of every cell in our being - and it is every cell, every strand of dna, that is nourished by this Source Program. Activate nourish and feel yourself soak in the energetic nutrients that will best support you - from your crown all the way to the bottom of your feet 12 minutes long


Mother Earth is alive and vibrant and awesome and capable and more than willing to have you take that weight off your shoulders and allow her to support you for the next 1000 years or so. Give it a shot - I am certain you are going to like it :-) 12 minutes long