Happy doesn't begin to describe how we feel to be finally able to share Wonder

Wonder is for all ages. As you work with each program you will discover, more and more, a returning to (or a finding yourself in for the first time) the purity, the magic, the absolute knowing "that everything is possible" that comes from being free to approach every moment as a child - knowing that all is well, that you are free to be you, that all will be provided, and that your only real job (if you want to call it that)is to follow your passions

If you would like listen in as Adam and I discuss Wonder and each of it's parts - or if you prefer go right to the samples - as you listen to each you will know if Wonder is for you :-)

Cyndi Krupp and Adam King Discuss Wonder


Using the players below you can hear samples of each of the programs that make up Wonder...

I am just so excited to share this with you :-) :-) :-)


The womb (comes in 2 versions 20 minutes and 1 hours) should only be listened to when you can rest, even sleep. The womb encases you in a restorative,relaxing, transformative energy that gives your mind an opportunity to be still and your body to renew and heal.


Playground is 30 minutes long and can be played anytime you like and especially whenever you are engaged in anything creative and fun. Let your mind open to the world of magic and infinite possibilities in the Playground


Connections, simply put, brings you back to the state of rapid learning previously reserved for the first years of life. Listen whenever you are studying, reading, desiring to learn anything new.

Welcome to the World of Wonder :-)