The only way I know how to tell you about Phoenix is to tell you about how it was created, the story of it's birth.

Adam King and I are friends (do you know Adam and his Tessera work? If not I suggest you spend some time at and find out. He is pretty wonderful). Adam and I were on the phone talking about our desires to be of service, to make a difference when I asked him if he wanted to create something with Source Programming and he immediately said yes, what? My reply, "I don't know, let me take it into the stillness."

So I got quiet and connected and a short time later I was given the names of the audios and the energy of each of the Source Programs - I called Adam gave him the info - he loved it and headed into the studio (at which time we (meaning me and his family) pretty much lost him for hours and hours and......

Mitochondrial Biogenesis (18 minutes)

Sometime during the creation of Mitochondrial Biogenesis Adam texted me "I've been crying for the past 6 hours - I don't know where all this is coming from - it may be too powerful for what we want - if so I will find some other use"

From the moment he handed over the composition though Source took over and my continuing experiences with this (and all the Phoenix audios) has been surreal.

Mitochondrial Biogenesis is alive and vibrant and exciting and it works in cooperation with your physical body to revitalize your cells - bringing them all back to a state of youthfulness and divine health.

I haven't been able to get enough of it - since it's creation I have worked with it one or more times everyday - and everyday my experience deepens. I can feel the changes taking place and I am super excited for what that means moving forward.

You can listen to this audio with or without headphones - while sitting quietly or while you are taking a walk. You can also activate the program at times you can not listen simply by mentally repeating the activation code "Mitochondrial Biogenesis"


Spider Silk (20 minutes)

Did you know that Spider Silk is the most flexible, toughest, strongest material out there? I hadn't before Source named this second program, but I do now. Spider Silk, like all the Phoenix audios, works in harmony with your physical body. When I sat to facilitate the programming of Spider Silk my mind assumed the focus was going to be on the ligaments and joints.

I was wrong

Spider Silk works to restore physical vibrancy and youthfulness to the joints and ligaments - as well as all the organs (including your skin). I have been "drinking" this masterpiece up like my body has been waiting for it for the past 53 years - and I expect you will have a similar experience.

This work is beyond inspired, it is pure magic

Daily Burn(20 minutes)

Daily Burn was the last Phoenix program to be created and when I immersed myself into the energy something inside me just opened up and I transformed. Later, when I looked into the mirror there was a moment that I didn't recognize the beautiful women looking back at me :)

To create this piece Adam had to really let go of his expectations and allow Daily Burn to be created through him. He was stretched. He had to learn how to do things in new and different ways.

He succeeded beyond our wildest expectations

Listen to Daily Burn while you sit quietly (if you can, I tend to just start moving) or listen while you exercise. Just listen and be prepared to experience a greater sense of energy and well being than you have since you were very young.

Quiet Mind (28 minutes)




sleep deep and soundly - allow your body to heal and be restored

turn on Quiet Mind as you prepare to sleep and allow it to take you there.

Do not listen while you are driving, operating heavy equipment, or you need to be awake and aware.

Taken as a whole Phoenix revitalizes - body, mind and soul. Listen to it everyday and watch your world transform :-)