Find the Gift

Clean Sweep works by finding the core of a limiting program, pulling it out by the root, cleaning up all the “stories and beliefs” that have kept it stuck and then finding and helping you assimilate the divine “gift” that was being offered at the time the original limiting program was created.

Source Program “Find the Gift” is designed to help you find and assimilate the Divine Gift being offered in the Present Moment (no matter how uncomfortable it may appear).

Once installed (by listening to it one time) this program works best when you use it as a mental mantra when you find yourself in a situation that would normally make you contract or react in a way that is less than positive.

It makes it possible for you to “turn on the light” in every moment. Make it your own and you will truly know what it feels like to make

lemonade when the world hands you lemons.

are you ready to turn on the light?