The Learning Collection

The Learning Collection is 100 minutes of a brand new kind BWE/Source Programming combination that is a gift to everyone and anyone who is looking to increase their focus, succeed in school, exercise their brain, learn new skills, or just master the crossword puzzle in the Sunday Paper.

These programs are designed to be listened to without headphones while you are studying, reading, doing puzzles, learning new skills, anywhere where you can benefit from extra brain power.

The more you listen to these audios while engaging your brain the "smarter" you will become.

The sounds are also muted/relaxed - not so much meant to be listened to (ie these audios are not meant to be used during meditation) as to be used in the background while you are focusing on "Getting Smarter".

When you invest in The Learning Collection you will receive....

The Organizer - to help you sort and store names/facts/memories for easy retrieval

The Answer Key - to increase your logic skills, improve your test taking abilities, help you pull from what you have learned to answer the questions posed.

Harness the Chaos - crazy name for a Source Program that helps with focus but once Source Programming provided this program it all came together - clearly and in a way that just works (can you feel it?)

The Gold Star - This program pulls all the others together in a way that will, over a short period of time, result in increased success in all your endeavors

So excited to be working with Source Programming and Jeffrey Gignac (no one does BWE better) to be able to provide this package to you. These audios will help everyone - from students looking to improve their grades - to those of us who are looking for more and more ways to exercise our brains to keep them young and active (yes, no matter what our age, we can get smarter)