I Choose God

I Choose God came to and then through me almost without my noticing. More and more, as the world's stories interfered with my sense of peace and well-being, I found myself repeating "I Choose God" and then breathing into the peace and the clarity that this simple declaration provided.

It was only my asking Spirit "What Next" that I was shown that this, along with "I Am Listening" were the next Source Programs to be born - and when I reached out to Jeff Gignac for the carrier audios they were quickly programmed so that we could bring them to you :-)

I Choose God realigns us to remembering that we always have a choose - and choosing "God" is always the avenue that reaps the biggest rewards.

Activate "I Choose God" whenever you find yourself angry, sad, fearful, frustrated or anything other than happy, peaceful, expanded.

Activate "I Choose God" and watch the world around you transform :-)