The Golden Key Collection

After many months of silence a number of new Source Programs are being birthed...

It feels amazing to be working in this energy again :-)

This Golden Key Collection has been given to us in 3 parts...

This first program can be used to help us let go of the concept that there is any aspect of our life that God can not or will not help us with. There is a Universal Loving Infinite Source that is always available to help us resolve all problems and help us capitalize on every opportunity.

This second program eases you into a place of quiet and expansion. It is designed to bring you to a place of rest and openness - perfect for hearing that quiet voice that is always there, always speaking to us.

We can not control when we enter into a Holy Instant, but we can continue to do the work to release all the blocks that stand in the way. You can think of a Holy Instant as a glimpse of "The Eternity of Heaven", a place of All Peace, All Love, All Joy.

Over the years I have had people ask me to explain Source Programming in a way they can understand.

I can't

Source Programming comes to us as a gift from that part of the Universal Consciousness that can not be understood or limited by our egoic minds.

I can tell you that the carriers for these programs were created by Jeffrey Gignac and contain brain wave entrainment technology (headphones recommended) that are known to support.....

a) The Golden Key: Meditation, Manifestion, Divine Neutral State, Detachment from the world
b) The Pause: Inner Guidance, Expansion, Knowing, Detachment from the world and Divine Knowing
c) The Holy Instant: Fear reduction, whole brain synchronizer, enhanced clarity, personal growth, sense of Oneness with the Universe

Each of these programs can stand alone, but when you invest in the collection today you will also receive a specially programed 22 minute audio that contains all three :).

Feeling nothing but love and gratitude to be able to bring this to you today....